Saturday July 29 05:45PM - 07:00PM
Peter Hedlund Heritage Stage at the Opera House

5:45PM-7:00PM: Peter Hedlund

Peter is a composer as well as one of the main forces in the revival of the nyckelharpa and its music. He recently received The Zorn Award, which acknowledges his stature as one of Sweden’s most respected master musicians and his contributions to the resurgence and preservation of the nyckelharpa, the ancient keyed fiddle unique to Sweden. Mentored by the late composer Eric Sahlström, who championed the revival of the nyckelharpa, Peter is also two-time winner of the Nyckelharpa World Championship title. He is a well a respected and sought-after instructor as well as performing artist on this unique and beautiful instrument. The nyckelharpa has been played, in one form or another, for more than 600 years and just barely escaped extinction in the mid-1900s though nyckelharpa playing has in recent years been taken up by hundreds around the world.

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Strength Through Heritage

Barre is the fourth largest city in Vermont. While the community first developed around the milling available along the adjacent Winooski River, granite soon emerged as the key industry of Barre. In fact, granite from Barre, Vermont was used in some of the nation (and world’s) finest buildings, monuments, and memorials. Consequently, granite carvers from across the world settled in Barre making the city a rich mixture of cultures from all over the world.