Heritage Stage, in honor of Chet Briggs

The Heritage Stage: 

Celebrating our Community’s Cultural Heritage

The Heritage Stage will be located at the historic Barre Opera House. Musical performances will range from Americana, Celtic, Germanic and Folk on Sat., July 28th, from 2:30pm – 8:30pm.

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The Heritage Stage is dedicated to the memory, work and community spirit of Chet Briggs. Behind every great Festival, there are always pivotal people who conceive the original idea and carry out the enumerable activities needed to launch the first event. More than 35 years ago in Barre, there were 2 such people – Chet Briggs and Karen Lane – who identified the opportunity and need to celebrate the rich cultural history of community members residing in Barre. As a result, they organized the first Barre Ethnic Heritage Festival in 1978.

From 1978 to 1982, Chet Briggs helped chair the hugely successful Barre Ethnic Heritage Festival, working closely with his wife Karen Lane. The festival included music, dance, ethnic food, and public education activities about the various groups of people who made Barre their new home, often with the impetus to work in the granite industry more than 125 years ago. Ethnic clubs and community groups organized special events, held community parties, and sponsored historical displays around Barre to share their backgrounds and fascinating stories. The community surged with pride from celebrating its history and traditions during the Festival.

We are extremely grateful to the sponsors of the Heritage Stage, who are assisting Barre with engaging its community members in an exciting, family-oriented and memorable event. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you at the Heritage Stage!


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Strength Through Heritage

Barre is the fourth largest city in Vermont. While the community first developed around the milling available along the adjacent Winooski River, granite soon emerged as the key industry of Barre. In fact, granite from Barre, Vermont was used in some of the nation (and world’s) finest buildings, monuments, and memorials. Consequently, granite carvers from across the world settled in Barre making the city a rich mixture of cultures from all over the world.